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The Due South Chronology Project

They did what WHEN??

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This will be the listing base for the DS Chronology Project. Once all of our episode reviews are in, each ep will get a post. They will be put up in the order in which they first aired. The first post will contain a timeline for the whole show. Individual episode posts will include specific guest character details and events. When all is said and done, each character will also have a personal chronology up.

The project has spawned a number of adjunct communities/archives. They are:

ds_inuit_tales - Benton Fraser's Inuit Tales (Every tale ever mentioned in the show will eventually be found here)

grow_up_cold - Benton Fraser's Childhood Memories (Every story about his pre-Chicago days that doesn't involve the Inuit)

my_father_said - Bob Fraser's Advice for Daily Living (Every piece of advice, anecdote, etc we ever hear from or about Bob)

This community itself is an adjunct to dues_research and is moderated by mardahin.