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Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005, 12:56 pm
mardahin: Pre-Show Events

1961 - Unknown date after January 10, Benton Fraser Born (According to Robert Fraser's Journal in The Pilot, on January 10, 1969 Benton was 7. It's possible he was born on Jan 1-9 in 1962, but statistically unlikely)

Ray K and Ray V born during this window

1969 - Benton Fraser lives in Inuvik with his grandparents.
1970 - Benton Fraser moves to Alert with his grandparents.


1981 - Benton Fraser graduates Depot, enters service as a Constable in the RCMP

Somewhere in here Benton Fraser is assigned to Moose Jaw for a period of 5 weeks. Doesn't adapt well to city life, is reassigned. Since new RCMP graduates are routinely assigned traffic duties, it's likely his Moose Jaw posting was early in his career.

Ray Kowalski marries Stella Kowalski.

Ray Kowalski and Ray Vecchio enter and graduate the Police Academy, enter the Chicago PD.

Beth Botrelle case

Ray Kowalski and Stella Kowalski seperate. There's a 2 year seperation requirement in Illinois, so they must have seperated by 1994 to be divorced by 1996, and we know they were divorced officially before Ray took the undercover gig.

Benton Fraser posted to far North.