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Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005, 01:19 am
mardahin: The General Timeline

This is going to get major overhauls until I get everything in. I just wanted to get this started so I'd have something to fiddle with.

1961 - Benton Fraser born, as per Robert Fraser's journal in the Pilot.

1994? Robert Fraser Shot.

Season 1 Begins

Season 2 Begins

Season 3 Begins

Season 4

Hunting Season (04x11)
1998 (Bob Fraser states that he may be 28 years to late, with regards to Maggie, and the article cites her birth as 1970)

1998 ? 1999 Call of the Wild - Will need review before finalizing date

This will just be the general overview to let us see how much detail we're dealing with (Once I get my act in gear).